Film Review: The Bounty Hunter (2010)

The Bounty Hunter is the story of Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler), a bounty hunter with a serious gambling addiction, who is offered $5,000 to bring in his ex-wife, Nicole Hurly (Jennifer Aniston). Unfortunately, journalist Nicole has no intention of going to jail as she is in the middle of investigating the mysterious events surrounding an NYPD suicide. Directed by Andy Tennant, who previously guided Hitch and Sweet Home Alabama.

The romcom genre has been a rollercoaster of late. Last year, 500 Days Of Summer hit the mark with its quirky visual style, atypical story and relatively low-budget. This year, Valentine’s Day bombed spectacularly, despite boasting  an impressive A-list cast. With this in mind, The Bounty Hunter has a lot to prove.

Unfortunately, it fails. The two get dragged into a suicide investigation but the whole thing merely feels like a vehicle to keep the film going on for a lot longer than it should. Despite all the rumours surrounding the leads (Butler and Aniston) off-screen, their lack of chemistry in this movie is woeful.

Aniston usually shines in this kind of role, but Butler’s complete lack of comic timing doesn’t give her much to work from here. The laughs fall flat, the action is half-hearted and the romance is short-lived, with just a ten-minute interval in which they establish that they actually still love each other. Hands up who saw that one coming?

The film is entirely forgettable, badly written, with mediocre acting and lacking in any kind of effort. It sums up romcoms in their current state; A-listers will result in commercial success but they won’t get away with these unoriginal scripts for long. With offbeat comedies like Up In The Air and 500 Days’ demonstrating this genre is far from dead, it’s a shame that all it takes is a big name to ensure another five movies just like this.




One response to “Film Review: The Bounty Hunter (2010)

  1. i liked the movie actually. it was just fun to watch.

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