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82nd Academy Award Results

So, last night’s Oscars ceremony was a testament to great movie production over commercial success. It was also the story of an ex-wife getting, not one, but two over her ridiculously successful ex-husband –  in his very field of expertise. Aside from the fashion and Ben Stiller’s ‘Avatar’ inspired costume, it was a night of little to report detracting from the ultimate purpose. And, boy did this focus help to re-establish the Academy’s image as a representative of quality.

We all know that Avatar’s was an excellent film, but those who say it deserved to win the Oscar for ‘Best Picture’ clearly don’t understand what it takes to create a truly excellent film. The visuals were undeniable, hence why it has won Oscars in the areas of Cinematography and Special Effects. However, Best Picture needs to be all that and more and had Avatar beat The Hurt Locker purely down to its commercial success then the Academy would have undoubtedly suffered a fall from grace with regards to respect from the members of the film production industry.

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82nd Annual Academy Award Predictions

On Sunday 7th March, some of the biggest names in the film industry will gather for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, known as The Oscars’. Arguably, the biggest event in the awards circuit, The Oscars can make or break a reputation and provide a nice boost to DVD sales. Since May 16, 1929 they have been developing into the best indicator of an internationally recognised performance of excellence, and it comes with the highest prestige.

Around 6,000 members of ‘The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ (AMPAS) will vote from the chosen nominees to decide the best in each category to receive 24 different awards.

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Award Season Underway

With the award season getting into full swing and the Academy Awards fast approaching, there seems to be a pattern already forming with Avatar set to sweep the awards in the coming months having already taken the Golden Globe for ‘Best Motion Picture’ as well as best director for James Cameron. However with some exciting films still to be released, Have we yet to see the ‘Best Motion Picture’ since Slumdog Millionaire? And who could be worthy of taking the prestigious crowns of Best Actor and Actress?

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Shock Horror – Hollywood Steals Storyline…!


While Avatar is storming the worldwide box office, it seems that people cannot stop over analysing its many ‘sub-themes’. 

Some sites, such as ‘Stop Avatar’ suggest that Avatar is clearly promoting a heterosexual future, which to them, automatically assumes negative connotations towards homosexual behaviour. Some even more ridiculous people are suggesting the film promotes racism, due to the dominant figures coming to the rescue of an ethnic minority. I did say ridiculous didn’t I? 

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